Bootstrap v3 comes to Sphinx

The Bootstrap Theme for Sphinx has hit a new milestone with version 0.3.0, bringing in version 3.0.0 of the Twitter Bootstrap library.

[![Sphinx Bootstrap Theme v0.3.0][img_sbt]][img_sbt] [img_sbt]:

A lot has changed since the last v0.2.0 blog post, the most conspicuous being that you can now specify to use either Bootstrap v2.3.2 or v3.0.0 via the theme options:

html_theme_options: {
    # Choose Bootstrap version.
    # Values: "3" (default) or "2" (in quotes)
    'bootstrap_version': "3",

Thanks to the awesome work by MiCHiLU, the Sphinx Bootstrap Theme can easily switch between Bootstrap v2.x and v3.x with full support for all of the features, including Bootswatch CSS extensions.

Changes: v0.2.0 - v0.3.0

It’s been a while since I have posted updates for the theme, so here is the laundry list of all of the goodness added to the theme since my last blog post.


  • Add Bootstrap v3.0.0 with legacy option for v2.3.2. (@MiCHiLU)


  • Add navbar_links theme option. (@newgene)
  • Add navbarextra block in “layout.html”. (@grncdr)


  • Sphinx compatible Sidebars. (@russell)
  • Topnav sidebarrel can now be disabled. (@russell)
  • Topnav page nav menu can now be disabled. (@russell)


  • Add custom nav bar links. (@russell)
  • Fix wrapping of line numbers in code includes. (@russell)
  • Truncate long page titles in navigation bar. (@aababilov)


  • Use network path for Bootswatch (@nail)
  • Switch from distribute to setuptools. (Suggested by @thedrow)



  • Adjust the max width of field lists. (@russell)
  • Update to Bootstrap v2.3.2.
  • Navbar search box now uses bootstrap search-query class. (@russell)
  • Field-list tables now have an inherited width. (@russell)


  • Put navbar within a container. (@inducer)
  • Add navbar_site_name for renaming site nav. tab. (Suggested by @inducer)


  • Better literal markup handling for Bootstrap code formatting. (@russell)
  • Scroll window when jumping to an anchor. (@russell)


  • Fix code styling collision for cross references and inline code blocks. (@russell)

Happy Theming

I’ve been humbled and excited by all of the great community work on the theme, adding much needed functionality and flexibility. Please keep the pull requests coming and help us continue to develop the friendship between Bootstrap and Sphinx!