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Ryan Roemer

I am a software engineer interested in full-stack development, cloud computing, and the collision of law and technology. I am the CTO and a co-founder of Formidable, where I lead software development and architecture, with an emphasis on test methodologies, mentorship, and application design. Around Seattle, I help organize the Seattle Node.js Meetup and curate the Server Day for CascadiaJS 2015.

Recounting things roughly in chronological order, I was a programmer at a small San Diego startup during the late 1990’s dot-com boom and meltdown. The bust sent me off to law school, after which I became a patent attorney with a large international law firm, splitting my time between patent prosecution and litigation. I eventually realized that my software clients were having more fun creating new systems and products than I was writing about their work, so I decided to go back to graduate school in Computer Science.

After receiving my masters at UCSD, I joined the Windows Azure team at Microsoft as a software engineer in the Cloud Computing storage group, working with really large-scale distributed systems. I then merged both my patent law and computer science backgrounds as a senior engineer at IP Street, working on intellectual property data mining. Since IP Street, I was the Director of Engineering at Curiosity Media, which hosts SpanishDict, the world’s largest Spanish learning website, before finding my way home to Formidable.

Other places you can find me on the web are: Twitter, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and my research site.

Open Source

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